Houston Museum of Natural Science

My life after my Boston internship has been going at a much slower pace. This transitional time has been marked with museum visits, movies, and job hunting in my hometown of Houston, Texas.

For the first week back, I continued chatting with Lindsay Nakayama from RPA (Rubin Postaer and Associates) and after a week of interviews, I’m proud to announce my acceptance of their job offer as an Assistant Media Planner in Santa Monica, California.

As Eminem once said, “Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment; would you capture or just let it slip?”

I have no connections in California. I’ll be starting a new lifestyle from scratch. Everyone is warning me about the cost of living and how I won’t make it. But this is my dream and I’m following through with it.

I’ve been searching for apartments and roommates but haven’t had any luck yet. Please leave a comment or contact me if you have any general tips on living the California lifestyle.

My official start date is September 18th, 2017. That was my first week back at home.

As of my second week, I’m an evacuated citizen of Houston.

I fled to my college town of Nacogdoches, TX to escape the torrential rain the day before the rain began. As I woke this Sunday morning, I was devastated by the damage done by Hurricane Harvey. Harvey brought suffering on a massive scale as many of my friends’ homes had been flooded. My friends took to social media to document the weather and this was like nothing I’ve ever seen. Back in 2008, Hurricane Ike brought havoc. But Harvey has been exponentially worse.

With the roads flooded, I have no way to return home. I’ll have to wait until the conditions are safe enough. If you would like to see the conditions firsthand, please follow my Instagram at [jordantrevino].