Boston | Day 61–65 and NYC | Day 1–7

View of NYC

My internship experience with MullenLowe and MAIP has come to an end. This summer has been crucial for my development as a young professional and has led me to think clearly about my goals in life.

As I left the office on Friday, I received a goodbye lunch from the Content + Innovation team and a farewell card from the TV investments team at MullenLowe. Saying goodbye to these teams and my fellow interns evoked an emotional reaction out of me. I realized how close I had gotten with these people and how much we shared over the course of the summer. I wish everyone the best of luck and went on my way. My departure was marked a week earlier than the other interns due to MAIP hosting events in New York City.

The 2017 MullenLowe Interns

I arrived in New York on August 5th. This week was marked by plenty of career-building events and a volunteer experience.

Diversity Career Fair

Diversity Leadership Luncheon

One MAIP Fellow was selected as the Creative of the Year — Alexandra DeCespedes, and another Fellow was selected at the Fellow of the Year — John Paul Napleton.

Near the end of the luncheon, the speaker announced for each Fellow to stand and pin another Fellow with the honorary MAIP pin. Elizabeth Rosas and I had the honor of pinning each other, recognizing our graduation from MAIP.

Throughout the event, I sat next to Fellow, Hannah Chua, Shannon Moornan from GSD&M, and Lindsay Nakayama from RPA.

The MAIP Class of 2017 after the Diversity Leadership Luncheon

MAIP, Now What?

“You’re either in the Red Zone or Blue Zone. Fight or Flight. The red zone is marked by flight. You’re worried and your body is physiologically ready to run. Your mind is all over the place. Now the blue zone is when your mind is calm and your words are carefully thought out. You want to be in the blue zone.” — Dickerson


Agency Immersion Day

I’m always looking for ways to make advice relatable. In college, one of the greatest things my favorite professor taught me was to listen to stories. He advised for us to listen to stories to not make the mistakes of others. Every story would have a lesson he would tell me. No matter who is speaking — listen to their story and write it down. Learn from others.

After the event, a rooftop mixer was held with a gorgeous view of New York City.

Overall, I’m going to look back on this summer with fond memories.

The summer of 2017 showed me who I could be.

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