I have spent sixty days of the year in a city that is nearly 2,000 miles away from home. That’s a total of 16.44% of 2017. This experience has led me to heavily reflect on personal and professional growth. I’ve compiled a short list of the thoughts on my mind in the past two weeks.

1.) You are responsible for your own growth

No one is going to force you to grow. You have to be willing to grow on your own. There needs to be a clear goal when you wake in the morning of what you would like to accomplish by the end of the day.

I am a proponent of mentoring. This summer I’ve realized something about mentoring that I previously didn’t understand.

Nobody knows how to properly mentor.

You have to be responsible for yourself. Ask yourself if you’ve gained the proper skills from working with those around you. If not, make sure to ask. People are more than willing to help. But first, you have to let them know on what to help with.

At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own growth in every aspect of life.

2.) Be T-Shaped

This one comes from Jack Morton’s Sr. Strategist, Christopher van der Lugt. Boston MAIP Fellows gathered on July 26th to discuss Jack Morton’s culture and their take on brand positioning.

Boston MAIP, Jack Morton interns, and Jack Morton employees gathered in a conference room. Over pizza, we discussed what it takes for brands to be labeled by people. Boston MAIP split into teams and discussed our favorite and least favorite brands and why that is. Upon examining, we found out a lot about the rights and wrongs for a brand’s identity.

When we asked for job-seeking advice, Christopher van der Lugt, gave us a key insight.

On a easel pad, van der Lugt drew a horizontal line.

“This line represents you. You should have a wide variety of interests that go on for infinity. Never stop discovering new interests,” van der Lugt stated.

After he finished explaining this, he drew a vertical line from the middle of the previous one to the bottom of the easel pad, forming the letter T.

“You want to be a T-Shaped person,” van der Lugt continued, “You want to have as many interests as possible but make sure to go deep within those interests. Be the expert of your interests because they are your own. No matter how many times you dive into a new interest, the result will still be a T.”

3.) Persevere, persevere, persevere

Dear HR at my future company,

I’ve begun searching for a job and I only apply to jobs that I know for certain match my ethic. I’m passionate and dedicated toward my growth. If you cross paths with me, just know that I will not apologize for bombarding you with questions, requests, or anything that will aid my quest for a career in the advertising industry that I love.

I will fight for this more than you can possibly imagine. It’s who I am. At the end of the day, I look forward to working with you and accomplishing great things. That’s what drives me. Great things.


Jordan Blaze Trevino

Next post will be the last of my Boston internship. I’m headed to New York City on August 5th to attend the 4A’s Face of Talent.

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