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I won’t be voting in the 2020 United States general election. This wasn’t a decision I made but a decision that was made for me.

I never received my absentee voting ballot.

Three years ago, I moved to Los Angeles from Houston and never imagined that my voting rights would become a complicated mess as it is today. I’ve never had an issue prior to this election and I even voted in the primary election earlier this year. This time, I’m unable to vote in the most monumental election of our generation.

When my family was impacted by COVID-19 last…

Are You Happy Now?

In my ideal world, everyone gets the help they’re needed in life. They’re not given help, but rather, they work for it. People fight for what they want through the help of others each and every day. Help is the motivator that propels people to self-actualization and reach their full potential.

As you can probably tell, this is a fictional world of mine. It’s difficult to focus on others, while we’re busy focusing on ourselves. Am I financially stable? Is my health stable? Am I emotionally stable? We’re constantly bombard ourselves with these questions and ask if we’re truly happy.

A Commute

I sleepily stumble on cracked pavement to the metro stop each morning. Rubbing my eyes, I make sure to step over the broken glass, abandoned furniture, and on certain occasions, a pile of human shit. I wait and board the Gold Line at the Lincoln/Cypress station and ride to the next stop. During that ride, the sunrise is painting Los Angeles in streaks of amber tones. The sunlight reflects off enormous office buildings and blinds my vision for a brief moment. All traces of my neighborhood, Lincoln Heights, have vanished.

Working in Santa Monica has its perks: close proximity to…

Evan Spiegal explains the new Snapchat Update (11/29/17)

Here’s a story you’ve most likely experienced before — You’re with your friends when someone opens up their phone. Another friend may say, “Oh wow, you’re so lucky you haven’t updated yet. The latest version sucks.”

Sound familiar?

My dad used to say, “People complain about updates not because the new features are bad, but because people are afraid of change.”

There’s been a collective cry of the Internet over Snapchat lately. Whenever I hear about the exaggeration over a new update, I think back to my dad’s words and remind myself… on Unsplash

[Story submitted for the New York Times’ The Edit]

The idea of workplace mentorship has always perplexed me. One person — full of advice — takes on a protégé — not so full on advice — to advance the career of the entry-level novice. What does it mean to be a good mentor, but more importantly for those starting their career, what does it mean to be a good mentee? I’ve had my fair share of career mentors in the past, some were good and some were oblivious to the fact that someone looked up to them. …

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There are three definitions that defines creativity as:

Creativity (n)

1. the state or quality of being creative.

2. the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.

3. the process by which one utilizes creative ability

All these definitions are wrong.

Creativity is a verb. Not a desire or outcome. Creativity is, in itself, the gut-wrenching process of throwing yourself at whatever you’re doing. It’s not how many eyes saw or hands clapped for whatever you did. Creativity is tackling an…

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

It’s officially been two weeks on my own since I’ve moved to Los Angeles. Some of my expectations on the city have been met and some have been shattered.

My first week was filled with everything falling into place. My parents and I flew together to Los Angeles in a final farewell. We visited the Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood together. My first observation was the amount of selfies and videos being taken everywhere. I think it speaks true to the heart of LA that everyone wants to make it big out here.

One of the days, I met up…

Houston Museum of Natural Science

My life after my Boston internship has been going at a much slower pace. This transitional time has been marked with museum visits, movies, and job hunting in my hometown of Houston, Texas.

View of NYC

My internship experience with MullenLowe and MAIP has come to an end. This summer has been crucial for my development as a young professional and has led me to think clearly about my goals in life.

As I left the office on Friday, I received a goodbye lunch from the Content + Innovation team and a farewell card from the TV investments team at MullenLowe. Saying goodbye to these teams and my fellow interns evoked an emotional reaction out of me. I realized how close I had gotten with these people and how much we shared over the course of…

I have spent sixty days of the year in a city that is nearly 2,000 miles away from home. That’s a total of 16.44% of 2017. This experience has led me to heavily reflect on personal and professional growth. I’ve compiled a short list of the thoughts on my mind in the past two weeks.

1.) You are responsible for your own growth

No one is going to force you to grow. You have to be willing to grow on your own. There needs to be a clear goal when you wake in the morning of what you would like to accomplish by the end of the day.

Jordan Blaze Trevino

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